A friend of mine bought a store last year. She was so excited about her new investment. She invested a lot into this store, too. Maybe a month or so in a young woman walked into her store. She was dressed normally. She came in with an over-sized bag and went shopping. My friend didn’t really think anything of it at the time. Security had been watching her and grew very suspicious after a while. This woman wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary, she was just a big weird in her behavior.


After an hour, she came up to the cashier. The cashier didn’t really think anything of the scene. The girl was so nice, even engaging in comical conversation with the cashier. The order was rung up and she paid what she owed.

She walked out the door. She got into her car and left. Ten minutes later the cashier had to change out her till. The two cashiers were going over the money when they noticed something strange. The one bill looked a bit odd. Actually, a few of the bills looked a bit odd. The security guy came out and went over the bills. Luckily, there weren’t any customers around. Turns out, the customer had ripped off my friend’s store. The bills were fake.

They looked over the security footage afterwards. Not only had she given the cashier some fake bills, she had also hidden some stuff. She hid it inside the bag she was carrying. Why didn’t the security guy pick this all up? He was new. He wasn’t that experienced. My friend wanted to save some money. She ended up saving a lot of money, but she also ended up saving on other things too. If the cameras had been more up-to-date and the guy was more experienced, this girl would have been nabbed.

If my friend had some counterfeit detector in the store, she also could have saved on this pain.

Based on this event, my friend learned a lot of valuable lessons.

  1. Hire decent and valuable security. Hire someone who knows what he or she is doing.
  2. Invest in some counterfeit detectors.
  3. Invest in training on situations like this.

Lisa learned that if her staff had been trained better, this wouldn’t have happened. It took Lisa losing $200,000 in sales to learn these lessons. Please don’t let this happen to you.

Invest in some markers to detect fake money. They also have machines, for which you can run the money through. Teach your staff how to do this stuff. You also need to teach your staff on how to handle situations like this. The more they know, the better off your bottom line will be. iTestcash offers the best products for counterfeit money detection to ensure against counterfeit money. Make sure to check out what they offer today, a Counterfeit Detector Machine can save your business!